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Circular design in the  management of
reverse logistics solutions for

Returnable Transport Packaging

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Pallet Pool


Boomerang designs and manages full-service recovery and return systems for your pallet pool. From collection of pallets at your customer’s location, to pallet inspection, repair, and preparation for reuse, we provide a seamless and comprehensive service for complex supply networks. Our cloud-based RetourPro I.T. system tracks pallet movements and reports on pallet pool utilisation.

RTP and Container

Pool Control

Returnable transport packaging including bulk containers are designed for reuse and carry a significant asset value in your business. Our pool control services ensure that your asset is fully utilised and generates the optimum return on investment. Boomerang's RTP pool control service ensures prompt recovery and return for reuse, maximising pool rotation and minimising losses and damage.​

Return Services for Supplier Returnables

Valuable business resources are often engaged in separating, sorting and storing supplier returnables, as they await collection by individual product delivery vehicles. By engaging your suppliers to the Boomerang return system, you ensure that all supplier returnables are collected from your business network in a single return service. RTP units are reliably returned to suppliers on your behalf.


About Boomerang

The Boomerang team has been at the forefront of sustainable solutions in the use of pallets and returnable transport packaging for over 30 years. Today, the business positions itself at the heart of European industry, where customers rely on our expertise and experience in their determination to improve resource efficiency in their value chain and strive for CO2 emissions reduction.

Circular design and application of the best available information technology are at the core of reverse logistics systems implemented and managed by Boomerang.


Through the creation of collaborative logistics structures in complex supply chain networks, Boomerang closes the loop on pallet and RTP application.


Deploying cloud-based technology, Boomerang establishes highly effective back-flow channels  that improve return rates and increase pool rotation. Losses and damage are minimised whilst the customers' return on investment is protected and optimised.


Boomerang’s multi-disciplined digital ecosystem drives system efficiency, ensures service effectiveness and facilitates user-friendly supply chain engagement.



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Our industrial customers are global leaders in the design, manufacture and distribution of some of the worlds best known product brands in their markets. They are committed to promoting and implementing sustainable business practices in their industries, leading by example through engagement in global initiatives such as the first corporate science-based standard for net-zero target setting, the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

Distributing their products through complex international supply networks, Boomerang customers strive for resource efficiency and zero-waste in the application of transport packaging. With our RETOUR system they have opted for effective recovery and maximum reuse, providing a no-cost collection and return service for their customers whilst reducing waste and inefficiency in the supply chain. Our customers have selected a committed partner in Boomerang. As an experienced specialist in the design, implementation and management of reverse logistics systems for transport packaging, our business is dedicated to the development of circular solutions for pallet and transport packaging application in the industrial environment.



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