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Pallet Pool Management


The team at Boomerang has a long and successful history in the management of customer-owned pools of returnable wooden or plastic pallets. Whether as a stand-alone customer-centric solution, or as part of a wider industry-specific service, Boomerang has the experience and know-how to design the optimum return system for its customers and their supply chain.

Boomerang customers provide regular pallet delivery data up-loadable to the RetourPro system. This data shows the type and quantity of pallets delivered to each location from each production plant. Collectable pallets are identified through unique markings. Delivery points and supply chain stakeholders are informed of pallet returnability.

Applying big-data analytics, Boomerang identifies and develops the most efficient back-flow channels for pallet recovery. Highly efficient collection routes are uncovered and activated. Boomerang's international team of Logistics Coordinators establish collection patterns that facilitate convenient engagement by supply chain stakeholders, optimising service levels and maximising return quantities.

Boomerang's network of operations centres process all collected units, inspecting and repairing wooden pallets as required or cleaning plastic pallets as specified. Full-load deliveries in jumbo-sized vehicles minimise the carbon-footprint of the service and maximise service efficiency.

For more expensive pallet specifications, such as heavy-duty wooden or plastic pallets, losses are minimised and pool rotation accelerated to protect and increase customers' return on investment.

The Boomerang system is fully documented. Auditable processes ensure return quantities and CO2 emissions reduction levels are accurately recorded and reported.

Boomerang RetourPro

Boomerang's cloud-based I.T. system, the RetourPro, is more than just an asset tracker. It informs tactical decision-making on issues related to transportation and handling, whilst reporting on efficiency and effectiveness of all service elements and processes.

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