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Service Management Centre

Boomerang’s international service management centre is at the hub of all service-related issues. It is here that Boomerang’s highly-motivated team of multi-lingual Logistics Coordinators manage the day-to-day service operations. Monitoring and tracking pallet and RTP movements across multiple supply chains every day, our Logistics Coordinators are just a phone-call away for system participants to request a collection or coordinate a delivery.

Available internationally through a single telephone number, Boomerang’s service management centre can be contacted at no-cost from eight EU member states. Our team is well trained and customer focused.


Harnessing the best available communication and information technology, service levels are recorded and measured to ensure data driven decision making is at the core of service improvement and development.


 : International Freephone number 00 800 2552 5551



 : business whatsapp number +49 (0) 1575 040 6087

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