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Return Services

for Supplier Returnables

For too many businesses valuable resources are tied up in the day-to-day management of returning transport packaging to numerous suppliers. On-site separation, storage, handling and time-consuming administration related to supplier returnables, is an everyday non-productive burden.

Waiting for the next supplier delivery vehicle to take away empty packaging units results in unproductive transport packaging lying idle in your business premises, occupying valuable storage area.

With Boomerang, a single collection vehicle takes-away a multitude of supplier returnables in one collection. Combining the volumes of several suppliers and also collecting broken units, accelerates collection frequency and eliminates the need for packaging separation and on-site inspection.

At the Boomerang operations centre all units are separated, inspected and repaired as required. They are reliably returned to your supplier for reuse, on your behalf.

The Boomerang system is fully documented and controlled by the cloud-based RetourPro software. Through secure user-login, system participants including supply chain stakeholders, can access information relevant to their engagement in the system.


RetourPro reports on quantities and pallet types collected from each of your business premises for each supplier, providing a fully transparent service for your business. 



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