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Boomerang Operations Centres

Boomerang engages with long-standing and experienced businesses for the preparation and refurbishment of pallets and RTP units for return and reuse.

Working to Boomerang's standard operating procedures and Quality Management System, strategically located Operations Centres undertake all processes relating to sorting, inspection, cleaning, repair and preparation for return to the customer's plant.

All collected packaging units are individually inspected and refurbishments undertaken with reference to the original technical specifications.

Returns to customer plants in optimised full-load volumes are coordinated with the supply of new, with just-in-time delivery services available as required.


Returned units are delivered in an immediately ready-for-reuse condition and configuration, with stack-heights and load-plans agreed to suit each plant’s specific requirements.


Deliveries are coordinated by Boomerang’s service management centre, with seamless return processes ensuring world-class experience for our customers and their production plants.


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