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RTP and Container

Pool Control


Effective tracking and supply chain commitment are essential to the successful control of industrial transport packaging and intermediate bulk containers. Even when distributed in closed-loop supply networks, a small percentage of units lost can be expensive and impact heavily on your pool's return on investment. 

Boomerang identifies the essential elements of successful pool control as:

               1.    minimum losses

               2.    minimum damage

               3.    optimum pool rotation

               4.    control & management


Close management of your pool by a dedicated specialist like Boomerang ensures you know where your assets are and how pool losses and damage occur.


As a third-party pool manager, Boomerang handles the difficult daily discussions on pool control with your customer, ensuring your commercial relationship is not impacted or strained by this non-core activity.

To minimise pool size and investment, Boomerang understands that optimised pool rotation must be achieved. Through Boomerang's service management centre and extensive transport network, units are quickly collected and rapidly processed for return and reuse.

Throughout the cycle, data capture ensures trip costs are easily calculated and improvement opportunities identified. Third-party pool management and control with Boomerang leads to a highly effective system that works for your customers and your bottom-line.


Boomerang IoT Map

While the logistics industry has started its digitalisation journey, there are still many areas where supply chain transformation is challenged leading to low asset utilisation rates, manual processes and lack of transparency.

Boomerang supports businesses in their transformation process and engages with interest in a number of studies on sensor-based science and IoT, where opportunities to increase efficiencies and cut costs are identified and activated.

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